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Ms. Winekauf - Classroom Spotlight

As students have settled into a new school year, we are off to a great start. 


Eighth grade Social Studies and High School United States History students are focusing on History repeating itself.   We are more specifically looking for the causes and the effects of different events throughout history and how these event repeat. They may be given different names but they are the same concept as the one before.  When asked for examples, students normally answer with war and assassinations. They are correct, but what about economic crashes, genocide, holocaust, industrial revolution, massacres, extinctions, and pandemics. There was Napoleon and Hitler. There was Lincoln and Kennedy.  There is Britain’s Invasion of Afghanistan, Russia’s invasion of Afghanistan, America’s invasion in Afghanistan. As the year continues we will continue to focus on the major events in history and how those events affected lives then as well as how they affect our lives today.


Currently High School classes are looking at the idea of Manifest Destiny and its effects on immigration, the Erie Canal, a National Road, railroads, the Industrial Revolution, wealth and poverty, banking and social classes, to name a few.   


Eighth grade History students are looking at causes of the Civil War and giving up the idea that slavery was THE cause.  We are currently looking at the economic, political and moral issues that did lead to the war between the North and South.  Students will be investigating different aspect of the war and presenting their research to their class.  


Sixth Grade Computer classes have learned the basic keyboard and are now working on their Internet Safety Unit.  Missing is a computer based internet safety game based on a true story. Students follow the adventures of a 13 year old boy who decides it is okay to run away and meet someone he only know online.  As the adventure continues he discovers the person he is meeting is far from the person he had claimed to be online. Class discussions focus on choices Zack could make, did make, and should make. 


I look forward to the rest of the year and spending time with all our great students here at FJSH.

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